The Malcolm Wilson………..

Hello good people. Well, it was a trip down south at the weekend for Team Africa Rallying, the Loch District to be precise where the Malcolm Wilson rally beckoned. After a 3am 8 mile jog followed by a 10 mile cycle i finally left at 4.30 am Glasgow bound to meet the troops. Was good to catchup after the tragic Snowman Rally in Inverness a couple of weeks ago. Before long we arrived at our first stage. Davie AKA Sam Dingle-due to his likeness to the Emmerdale star was very proud of his new clobber, he sported a pair of outdoor trousers and was keen to let us all know. The truth is,these breeks looked like they’d been bought at the Barra’s,£4 each or 3 for a tenner! As long as he was pleased though…. Big Mark AKA Marvin from the Scheme- then appeared with some serious headgear c/w dreadlocks and basically raised the bar for Team Africa, he did actually look more like a horrible transvestite than an African! As long as he was pleased though….. With Mark as always was Connor. Connor is the quiet one of the group.You never know where you stand with the one’s that don’t share much,i actually think one day Connor will walk into his local shopping centre with a machine gun and just go completly nuts. I’d hazard a guess that he is already torturing small animals and insects etc. As for the others, Chris was a bit peturbed after catching his mrs kissing a couple of randoms at the SECC the night before, however,before long the texts were being exchanged and he was caught calling her ” Honeybunney”  MAN UP LADDIE!!! As for Craig, well, Craig likes his sweeties more than most, he actually ended up in a van that was full of cakes and Harribo’s. The said van was seen rocking side to side furiously in a layby near Hobcarton, each to their own……  As for the Rally, young Craig found us some cracking bends . The pace of the top boys really surprised me,easily the quickest national event i have been to. As expected a Scot won, ( simply because we are quicker than the Welsh and English).Euan Thoburn was on it all day, check out his in-car on his FB page,simply outstanding. Mr Bogie crashed out right beside us but did seem relieved truth be told.Hopefully he will get the handling sorted out for the Border rally. So, at the end of the day, it was night. Home at ten pm utterly shattered after climbing mountains in record breaking time.One was so steep that birds would not fly that high as there was not enough oxygen. Anyway, will write about Team Africa’s antics on the Border Rally in 3 weeks. Chow.

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