Aye well……..

What a moving tribute that was to Colin McRae last week on good ole Auntie Beeb, for a minute it did look like the Chris Hoy’s favourite jollys show,i mean, what a gig he had that week eh! In the end we were all reminded that we have lost an incredible talent in Colin and it was quite touching to hear Jimmy talk about his eldest. It had me thinking about my memories of Colin, the time he flew past us on the motorway in Wales, i say motorway, Colin was driving on the grass verge on the other side of the hard shoulder! The shy Colin who looked totally uncomfertable signing autographs at the McRae Stages forum. The Colin that was totally sideways in the 6R4 on a fast downhill lefthander in Craik, i can go on but i think you’re getting the point.The man is a legend who will never be forgotten to anyone that witnessed his incredible talent. PS, i wouldn’t expect to see Sir Chris Hoy at a gale driven,sodden Charterhall watching the STRC anytime soon despite his alleged love for the sport.


Have myself a puppy now, a Border collie, can’t believe the impact she has had on me, she is Black and White, this got me wondering, if we still had to pay for dog licence’s, would i pay less than someone with a coloured dog? ( one for the older readers there!).


Nice to see the French taking up arms and engaging in a bit of combat for the first time in century’s. There is no truth in the rumour that they jumped onto the ship and looked for the cannons protruding the sides!


A lot has been made about Rangers fans boycotting yesterdays match at Tannadump, given as the Gers took 350 fans to the game,are we to believe that Dundee Utd have been boycotting every away game this season? Whilst i’m on it, Utd have long used the phrase ” Sporting integrity” when it came to kicking Rangers when they were down,how it was totally wrong to boycott et where was the Utd fans integrity when the told their chairman that they would not be attending home games if he voted to allow the Gers into the SPL?


What a fantastic entry for the snowman rally so far, 110 received already. It seems Scotland has yet again the strongest/best championship in the UK.


I wonder what the left wingers have to say about the two monsters that executed the17 year old boy by ” mistake”. ” Oh, the parents got divorced when they were young” or perhaps ” society made them that way”, utter bullshit, these two specimens actually deserve to die a slow painful death.

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