Back again.

Well good people, it’s been a long time since my last blog, i’d like to pretend i’ve been off to far away shores or been busy performing brain surgery and generally saving the planet but the truth is, i forgot my password! So here we are, the new season is nearly upon us,another year of trudging through forests in every type of weather imaginable except sunshine. Some events last year had more delays than live television from Iraq, the amount of times i questioned my sanity in the past 12 month’s for getting up at stupid oclock to go and climb hills that a gurkha would shy away from- really was getting too frequent. Why carry on, because the buzz i get when i see a car on the limit is the same now as it was when i first saw Stig Blomqvist in the Quattro many years ago.Can there really be a better sport than Rallying, visiting remote places all over the UK, seeing stunning scenery and witnessing some incredible driving to boot. Let’s not forget the banter, the good banter often makes up for disappointing event. Having started competing myself i actually missed being out there in the trenches trying to get some good picture’s. Anyway, enough of all this sentimental bullshit, lookout for the blogs becoming more regular,starting next week as i bore you all with my account of achieving a lifetime ambition, competing myself. Anyway, back to Coronation Street, living the dream eh.

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