After ranting m…

After ranting my way through my blog last week re car club’s being more pro-active, i was well pleased to see an Autotest being held a mere three miles from my house on Sunday, i was not aware of it and did not arrive to ask what was going on until 10.45 am,it kicked off at 11pm, quick visit to petrol station and bish bosh i was on the line to start. Must say, what a relaxed friendly atmosphere, as much as i love Rallying, you don’t have to walk to far along a service area to find someone head planted firmly inside their own arse, there was no evidence of that here as all seemed keen to chat. For a handsome fifteen english pounds we were afforded 12 runs over four tests. I finished sixth loser out of fifteen starters,although i later realised i’d been handed a twenty second penalty,hmm,could have been third loser. Anyway, a huge well done to Glenrothes Motor Sport Club for staging the event. One thing did dampen my day though, on the way home my girlfriend and i tried to have oral sex whilst driving, i never saw the police car behind us, we were charged for doing a 69 in a 30.

See you at Kames on Sunday good people and remember, if you’re sideways i will photograph you.

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