Club nights.

When I was a lad (Never thought I’d be writing that at the tender, youthful, cataract free age of forty) I read Rally Sport magazine from cover to cover, I enviously studied the club section, a calendar of events and club nights put on by car clubs the length and breadth of the British isles. I wished I was old enough to go along with the adults to these regular meetings, the video evenings, the “meet the drivers “nights etc. One day!  Well, years late I did join a car club and to be frank, it was dull. Hardly any members, certainly no TV screen to watch Seb Leob win his 459th World Rally Championship. There were not many spoken words (I’ve heard more conversations in a mute only library) and off those that were uttered most seemed to follow a long pause. Needless to say I soon left and settled back into my usual routine of watching the Bill on a Thursday evening (I had a strange crush on June Ackland). Having wrote all that at least that particular car club put on regular members nights. There are a fair few that don’t! I’m not in any way blaming car clubs but do they do enough to promote themselves? I have never read an advert in my local rag publicising a car club, I have never been to a fete or a gala and saw a stall with a couple of rally cars trying to attract new blood into the sport. This new blood could be marshalling at an event near you, we all realise how scarce marshals are in our sport. Are people too busy to attend club meetings, is there far more to entertain the masses these days? Take Wales for example, great attendance at club nights, regular forum nights that sell out, book launches that are supported by well-known drivers/navigators ( that reminds me, I once wanted to write a book on Scottish rallying but received absolutely no help from a certain Glasgow based car club). Let’s not forget, car clubs do a great job, they organise events which I imagine can be a thankless task, there are individuals out there that dedicate themselves to putting on first class events for others pleasure. Having read that back it may seem I’m giving clubs a hard time , I don’t mean to but I just went on one of the largest clubs in the country and their website is still previewing an event for 2010.

Right, where is that The Best Of The Bill  DVD……………………………………

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