Summer Stages

A lie in for a change, up at 6.30, quick coffee and off to Crail for the next round of the Scottish Tarmack Championship.I very nearly sleep in as i was busy making love to my new girlfriend, she may have that brittle bone disease but she’s a wee cracker. To keep me company today in the car we have the Rolling Stones who shout about painting something Black. 50 minutes later i arrive at the venue which has not changed since it was an airfield in WW2.Waterproofs are req’d ( standard attire at Crail) as heavy showers are in the post. Sign on,chat to some old faces( some very old) and meet mate Davie. Head out to the first stage where we find a long tightening left. Mate Davie and i are soon questioning our sanity as we hide/shelter behind 9 tons of broken tar. First stage half an hour late due to a lack of marshals( when there is a lack of marshals why don’t they spread out instead of having 3 or 4 on one bend). Watched the juniors through, the young lad Vasallo is a quick lad! I realise there are some out there that see the juniors as an inconvienance due to waiting tim etc but i think it,s a fantastic set-up. I wish i was competing at 14, i was too busy checking out the womens underware section in Kay’s catalogue. The main field were ok,Chris Collie span in front of us on a straight! Back to service area, cuppa and more chat, headed back out to the airfield for another couple of stages,bloody slippy stuff, few more spins then had to push Bruce Edwards Darrian to safety ( i wish all rally cars were that light to push). With the rain becoming persisting it was time to call it a day. All in all a good day with good banter.

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